Kingdom of Portare
3 Years ago your peaceful Kingdom in the hills was attacked by an angry horde of orc, goblins, and giants. You fought bravely until too many of your forces were lost and decided to retreat. Your king was prepared for an event like this. He had prepared an underground route to the nearest mountain dwarf kingdom. Your Kingdoms was overrun and the mountain dwarves accepted you into their society. They blocked off the entrance your kingdom came through and hoped to hold off the hordes from above. Peace fell for 8 months or so and the beasts from below started attacked as well. Drow, rats, all kinds of creatures came to attack, and still the very strong mountain dwarves fought off and sealed away the threat. But now 3 years later after you have integrated partially into the new society…the threats are breaking through again and someone must rise to action. “you are sitting in a tavern trying to fall asleep(…or be asleep) when you hear screaming. you jolt out of bed to the sound. Outside a huge crowd is gathered around the castle in a frantic hubbub. what do you do?”

Kingdom of Poltrane